Announcing a mini film season: LOCAL/LOCALE

Starting next month on Sunday 8 November, the Edinburgh Film Guild will be host to a mini season of film’s I’ve programmed around themes of location, community and industry. The season will showcase examples of cinema that dissolves the divide between documentary and fiction and offer in turn, intelligent, beautiful and humorous comments on the human condition.

Each film is one that’s provoked thoughts in me about the diversity of human experiences that I might only ever encounter through cinema. In the ways that each film uses narrative and documentary to reveal their subjects, they allow us to question the authenticity of the experience that we’re witnessing. How much is ‘real’ and how much is an embellishment?

In the coming weeks I’ll post more details about the films in the programme, but this is just a small teaser of what’s to come. More info here at the Edinburgh Film Guild’s site.

Sunday 8 November: MAN OF THE STORY (KATHAPURUSHAN). Adoor Gopalakrishnan/India, Japan/1995/102/Malayalam with English subtitles.

Sunday 15 November: WHITE COAL. Georg Tiller/Austria, Poland, Taiwan/2015/70 min/English and Chinese with English subtitles.

Sunday 22 November: ALLUVION/EVERGREEN. Alluvion/Sasha Litvintseva/UK/2013/31min. Evergreen/Sasha Litvintseva/UK/2014/50 min.

Sunday 29 November: OUR BELOVED MONTH OF AUGUST (AQUELE QUERIDO MES DE AGOSTO) Miguel Gomes/Portugal, France/2008/147 min/Portuguese with English subtitles.

Sunday 6 December: TIRED MOONLIGHT. Britni West/USA/2015/76 min.

Also: Film journal update. Viewed two brilliant detective/serial killer films: David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and Michael Mann’s Manhunter

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